How to Create Awesome T-shirt Designs

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Whether you are running a t-shirt business or you want to create your own t-shirt design, it is important that you get creative and look for quality designs. You want to create awesome t-shirt designs that will capture the attention of your brand’s audience if you intend to print them for your company. It is also a fun and creative activity to print for yourself even just for fun.

Create Your Own Shirt However, the process of designing your own t-shirt can be daunting particularly if you are doing it for the first time. You need to figure out which designs will work best on your t-shirt, the color scheme, and your printing options. Here is the ultimate guide to creating awesome t-shirt designs that stand out.

  1. Coming up With Your Design

Think about the design you want to present and the purpose of the design. Coming up with a design can be a difficult process, and there are some things need to be considered. Determine how much detail will be in the design and how big you want it to be. It is however important to keep the designs simple yet still striking.

Simple images are more likely to attract attention than complex and detailed images. Determine also if you will be using photos, text, or graphic in your design. If so, focus on the original illustration, so you know how it will appear in the t-shirt. The color of the t-shirt will determine the text and colors you will use in your design.

  1. Research in Design Sites

Another way to create digital images apart from Photoshop and illustrator software is using design sites. There are several t-shirt design software sites with different image files that can help you create your images from home. A graphic design site like PicMonkey offers free options and tutorials to guide you.

  1. Think About the Color Scheme

Make sure you have enough color contrast, so your design can be clearly seen when printed on the t-shirt. There are ink colors that may not appear well on darker or light-colored shirts making it impossible to see or read the text. When using darker colored shirts, opt for light ink colors like pastel such as yellow and light blue. However, if you decide to use light colored shirts, you should consider darker colors in order to make the drawing and text visible.

If you want white writing to create your own shirt, consider seeking the services of professional designers. Majority of the home printers cannot print white. You can also decide to choose a solutions designing program that will allow you to see the design on t-shirts of various colors, so you will know which will work best for you. There are variety of color schemes to create your design in the Global color settings of Adobe Illustrator.

  1. Carefully Prepare Your Artwork

If you are looking to screen print your design, use Pantone colors. You should prepare your artwork well especially if you decide to use darker ink colors like maroon on darker colored shirts. Although these colors may appear great in drawing as well as on the computer, this may be the opposite case for printers. When printing, the darker colored shirt can distort the ink color making the design appear dull.

  1. Make Your Brand Relevant

If you are advertising a brand or a company, incorporate your logo into the design. When people see the design, they will associate it with your brand making it easy for them to remember your company or brand. In case you are advertising a sports team, your design should feature the colors of the team.


  1. Choose the placement for the design on Your Shirt

You can choose to place the design at the front, back, or top left part of the t-shirt. For a formal t-shirt, it would be ideal to place the design at the center of the shirt. Wherever you choose to position the image, make sure it gives your shirt a balanced aesthetic. You can also be funny and creative by including a branding slogan at the back of the t-shirt.

  1. Creating a background to your image

Create Your Own ShirtWhen you create your own shirt, you can decide to make a background for your image or leave the surrounding area transparent. This will depend on the composition of your design and whether it is too detailed. Maybe your design is too detailed; you want the surrounding area to be transparent, so that texts and images look more natural. Besides, you can choose software that will enable you to do away with the background color.


  1. Printing the Design

Once you are done with the design, the next step is to print it on your t-shirt. Factors such as cost, materials used, appearance and production time should be considered when deciding on the best printing option for you. The most common printing methods include screen printing, direct-on-garment printing, and vinyl graphics.

Make sure you choose the right transfer paper to print the design on your t-shirt. Similarly, it’s important to take time and research reputable printing companies that will produce quality work for your t-shirts.


Designing your own t-shirt is one way to show your creativity, market a brand, or make a living. It might sound like a simple process, but it actually can make or break whatever venture you are into.


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The Benefits of Using Pawn Options Today

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No matter what you do in life, you will eventually face off against a financial disaster. Everyone does at one point or another, and it can be quite vexing if you don’t have the resources to get yourself out of it. If you’re not sure how to get away from these things, or you are dealing with a disastrous situation right now, you are not alone, you are one of the millions of people that do not have a backup plan. It’s for that reason you should look into pawning things. When you utilize a pawn shop, you’re going to be opening up a financial option that many people need, but don’t even know about.


Before getting into the benefits of using a pawn solution, you should first realize that other options aren’t going to be the same at all. In fact, take into consideration the traditional route of getting money fast. The most common options are to get a line of credit. However, that relies heavily on your credit score. If your credit score is not that good, you’re going to end up losing out big time.

In fact, credit scores that aren’t “stellar” today, are not going to get any money, even from payday loans. If you default on those options, by the way, you could be facing even lower credit scores for a long time. Simply put, it’s just going to cause a lot of issues, and something that is not worth chasing down.

No More Credit Score Issues

The first benefit that comes with working with a pawn option is simple, you do not have to use your credit score. That’s right, there’s no reason to use your credit options at all. If you don’t have good credit, or have no credit to speak of, don’t worry about it. Pawn shops don’t care, and they are not going to look into it. That means that you could be just about anyone, and get a helping hand. That’s something that you should remember, for a lifetime. No matter what your financial state, you could get a helping hand with this option over others, guaranteed.

Precious Metals Earn Every Time

Moving forward to another benefit, you’re going to find that amidst the most sought-after items in a pawn shop, you’ll find precious metals earn money every time. If you have anything that is made of a precious metal, you can rest assured that you’re going to get paid fair market value. That is a great benefit, because you may try to sell items in other arenas, even at a jewelry store and will not get the same appraisal or financial support that you would get from pawning.

Loans Made Possible

Speaking of benefits, you’ll find that you can get a loan faster. If you have collateral, as in an item to appraise and put up, you will get money fast. Even the fastest credit card application will not garner you a great deal of money. You could get accepted today, but not receive a card for 2 or 3 weeks, and those items are mailed to you. On the flipside, you’ll find that you can get money fast in the form a loan from a pawn shop, and then simply pay back the loan. Pawn Gold

If you pay it back, you’ll get your items back, and that’s it. If you can’t pay, or you fail to make the payments in time, you will lose your items and that’s it. There’s no negative credit impact, or anything like that, you simply default and lose your things. It’s simple, and to the point, and something that could very well help you get out of a jam, fast.

Author Bio
Pawn options are best for you if you need instant loan, you can sell your old jewelry and other pawn items at pawn shops.

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Services The Average Pawn Shop Offers

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Drive down any metropolitan city and you’re going to find that they have several retail centers. Amidst these retail centers, you will no doubt see a pawn shop sprinkled throughout other options. These are shops that many people ignore, but they cater to a lot of different walks of life. You may not immediately think about these locales when you go shopping or when you need to buy a musical instrument, or anything else for that matter. However, if you are realistic about what is in your town, you’ll realize that there’s a lot of services that the average pawn shop will offer you. If you see these in your area, it’s time to consider what you can get from them, and how they can help you out in a bind.


Short Term Lending Opportunity

The first major thing that you are going to find to be true about shops of this nature is that you can get short term lending. There’s a lot of lending opportunities that you can explore in regards to getting money fast. The most common is the payday loan. Now, there’s nothing wrong with trying to procure a loan, but you have to be very careful about it. When you pursue this, you’ll find that the terms may not be favorable for you.

The average payday loan comes with an interest rate that is very high. Compared to a credit card that only has around 20% interest, payday loans are insane. How high could the rates be? Well, on average, you may have to deal with 150 to 400% APR in many instances. That’s just an average, but the point is, these short-term loans are going to cost you a lot of money.

Pawn shops offer loans of this nature, but without the high rates. They instead, use collateral to get you money in a bind. The terms only work out if you pay back the loan and get your items back. If you don’t pay back your option, you will lose whatever you’ve put up as collateral. This is better than the high rates that you would otherwise, pay however.

Sell Unwanted Items In Your Home

If you have valuables in your home that you don’t want or don’t need, then you can easily sell them. You can sell a lot of different things and end up with a positive push forward. What types of items sell well? Well, in most pawn shop scenarios, you’ll get a good price on gold, silver, and diamonds. Aside from that, you can get money for musical instruments, electronics, video games, and much more. This all depends on supply, demand, and of course the shop owner and dealers that work there. You’ll be surprised by some of the prices that you can procure, but often, you will not get top dollar.


Buy High End Options Inexpensively

Do you want to buy something that’s traditionally out of your price range? Then visit your local pawn shop. You will find that you can get full sets of golf clubs, electronics, and even musical instruments for a fraction of the retail costs. You can even purchase jewelry, firearms, and much more. The interesting thing about these options is that they are usually in good condition, full working order, and at times new.

This is a great alternative to trying and win auctions and trying to figure out whether or not you’re going to get cheated online. By going to a shop, and seeing what’s available, you may very well save yourself a big headache, and will not get scammed. The selection also changes often, so check things out often to see what has come in and gone out.

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A Quick Guide to Portable Storage Container Delivery

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We at have encountered people in the past who thought that the hardest part in acquiring a portable storage container had to do with choosing which size would be best or which type would best suit their individual needs. However, getting a storage container is more than just finding the best unit for you. We believe that if you wish to have your container delivered to you in the best condition and manner possible, you should know and understand these three things:

1. Know the regulations and the restrictions –

Before you finalize your plans to purchase or rent a portable storage container, you must first do your research on the regulations and restrictions that come with storage containers. There are some cities and states which have specific rulings when it comes to owning a storage container, and these would usually include the size, the type of unit, and other technical aspects of the container.

You have to make sure that you comply with all the local requirements when it comes to documentation and permit.  Otherwise, you might not be allowed to keep your container.  Although a lot of places typically allow storage containers, it is still important that you do your part and double check if you are violating anything. If it turns out that your area does not allow the ownership of containers, you can choose to have modular units instead, which have doors that are similar to PODS containers.

Portable Storage Container

2. Pick your location –

You should make sure that you actually have enough space in your area to accommodate your storage container. Even if your supplier delivers to your doorstep, their personnel cannot possibly leave your container in your premises if there is not room for it.  In this case, it will be a total waste of time, money, and effort.

Make sure that you have at least have a fifteen feet overhead clearance and a minimum of twice the container’s length.  Check the dimensions of the container that you are ordering.  If you are not sure of what measurements to take, you can ask for advice or assistance from your supplier.  They will be saving themselves a lot of time and effort too when they help you out in this matter.

You also have to make sure that the place where you are going to put your container is level.  This will help you in keeping the items stored inside safe and secure as it minimizes the chances of the items sliding and slipping out of place.  If you are going to have some plumbing installed in the container, a level surface will also help with the flow and drainage.

In case you do not have a level surface where you will put your portable storage container, you can make arrangements for the installation of pressure treated wood stands and the use of a jack to raise and put the container in position.

Note that if the container is not sitting on a paved or concrete surface, re-leveling might be necessary later on. Railroad ties or landscape timbers should be placed underneath your container if it is sitting on earth or grass.  This will prevent the container from sinking or settling into the ground after a considerable period of time.

Storage Container

3. Plan the layout of your container –

Aside from planning your interior layout, you should not forget to plan how you will install your container in your chosen location.  It would be difficult to keep on re-positioning your container when you realize that it is not easily accessible or that it affects the way you move around the area.

You should pay special attention to how you will be able to conveniently access your portable storage container.  Thus, you have to make sure that the doors are facing in the direction where you will be able to easily enter the container.  You should also be aware of where the door will be directed to.

Typically, containers only have one set of double cargo doors which can face the rear of or the front of the delivery truck.  Inform your supplier beforehand so they can load your container on their delivery truck for the correct positioning when they get to your location.

It is always best for you to coordinate closely with our staff at for delivery arrangements.  We are always ready to provide you with the information and assistance that you need in purchasing your portable storage container.  Visit our website or give us a call to find out about our wide array of products and services.

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5 Tips To Finding The Best SEO Company

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Finding an SEO firm is a necessary task for any business that wants to improve their visibility online. However, doing it is easier said than done. Because of the nature of the industry (everything is sold and made online) and also due to the fact that there are no laws governing it, a sea of bogus online marketers have started to provide subpar SEO services. That means the good SEOs are mixed with the bad ones.

It is, therefore, the business owners’ duty to find the best SEO company for themselves. But how? Fake “experts” are out there trying their best to dupe people into paying for their low-quality services.

Well, here are 5 actionable tips to follow in searching for the perfect SEO firm:

1. They should be found in search engines

seo foundThe main job of search optimization firms is to make their clients’ businesses more visible online. And if they practice what they preach, they should be visible online too. It’s definitely alarming if those claiming to be “top companies” have zero online presence. If their company is based in say, New York, they should be found for terms like “seo services New York”. Another trick is to search for their website using their company name. Their website should come up if it is at least a bit optimized. If they don’t rank for their own company name, maybe it is a good idea to turn tail and run.

2. Top lists should be ignored

Oftentimes, when people search for the best SEO company, so-called “top lists” will pop up in the search results.

People should never trust these lists because they are rigged. These are basically sponsored posts where search optimization firms who can’t make themselves visible even if their life depended on it pays to get included or mentioned. In fact, websites, even the big ones, email many of these companies asking them if they want to be included in the list…for a fee of course.

In relation to this, “Top SEO of 2015” banners and badges should be ignored as well. These are mere company-made statements and hold no real value.

3. Watch out for alarming signals

alarming signalsThese so-called “alarming signals” are typical red flags that people should watch out for. These signals are so common among incompetent or fake companies that generalizations can easily be made! Some examples to watch out for:

Weird guarantees or no guarantee at all – Weird guarantees are often hyperbolic in nature like “first page in 3 weeks!” On the flip side, black hat firms try to escape responsibility by saying that there are no guarantees in SEO and they are only building links. This is not how a professional SEO company operates. True pros give their clients reasonable time frames as well as realistic expectations.

They don’t have an online reputation – It has been already mentioned earlier that a professional SEO company should at least be able to create a good reputation online by interacting with the SEO community. The worst thing that can be used to describe an online marketing agency is that they have “zero online presence”.

One thing to watch out for are rip-off reports or even regular blog posts that show disappointment in the agency.

Their backlink profile is off – A company’s backlink profile will often be a reflection of how they do SEO. A good backlink profile should have a majority of brand and naked URL anchors as well as long tail keywords. Keyword-rich anchors does no good to a backlink profile and may even result to unnatural link-building penalties.

Ahrefs, Majestic, and Open Site Explorer are free tools (with limits) to check for a website’s backlink profile.

4. There is no secret sauce

Fake SEOs are often found in black hat forums and other internet marketing communities where they prey on newbies. Here, their services often include untold “powerful” techniques. What they often say is that they have a proprietary technique – a secret sauce if you will – that no other agencies have found yet.

The truth is, there is no secret sauce to ranking. The only way up the search results is to create compelling content that people will share, creating legitimate backlinks to a website. Bogus companies only say they have a secret sauce to either entice people to avail of their services or they are doing something black hat behind that scenes.

5. Quality over quantity

qualityIt does not matter how big or small the company is – quality is what matters in search engine optimization. Those searching should look more into quantifiable and verifiable aspects of the agency. Do they publish case studies on a regular basis? To they have a list of satisfied clients that can be called for feedback? Is their website well-designed and are the information presented organized and easily understood? These are some questions that must be considered.


Without a doubt, finding a company that will bring a business to further success is hard. However, these tips are easy enough to remember and can be used as effective tools to filter the rotten seeds from the good ones.

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Make Money Out Of Making Custom Patches

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Many people are in search for possible sources of income and something that they can do on the side that will give them extra cash. A good way of earning money is to have a business that have a sure market. One business that you can have is to create and sell custom patches.

Personalized patches are easy to dispose or sell. If you plan to make serious money from making personalized patches, you have to start treating it like a real business.

Below are some of the steps that will help you maximize your income in the custom patches business:

1.You must target big organizations or affiliations that have a high demand for custom patches like schools, military, fire fighters and other big companies. These organizations or affiliations have a steady and high demand for patches and if you happen to have them as clients then you are already guaranteed a steady income as well.

These associations normally would buy bulk orders on a periodic basis.

2.You must also have a good packaging for your patches. When you are selling a product make sure that you package your product in such a way that people will be enticed to take your product. One way to do that is to show sample of the products that you have. Create a brochure that people will be able to access. If you have a website, make sure that you will allot a page that will show samples of your work.


Make sure that are presentable. Showcase your best samples and if possible show some of the patches that are being used by your existing clients. That is one good way f convincing people to buy your product.

3.Give a discount to bulk orders. Some clients would go for a supplier that would give them a cheaper rate. So when offering personalized patches, package your product in such a way that if they buy a certain number of patches they would get it at a lower rate. Say for instance if they buy 100pieces in a transaction you can give them a 5% or 10% discount on the total price instead if they buy only 10 pieces. This type of marketing strategy will attract more buyers.

4.Never compromise the quality of your product just to be able to offer your product at a lower price. There might be times that you will be tempted to use cheaper materials or means in creating custom patches to be able to sell your product at a lower price. If you ever opt to use cheaper materials just to lower down our cost in making patches, make sure that it will not risk the quality of your product. If you risk the quality of your product, you will end up with patches that could look sloppy and they will not have any appeal to the market.

That will just be a waste of money and effort as well.

5.Take care of your clients. Once you have gained clients, make sure to take care of them. Deliver their items on the agreed date at the agreed price and make sure to consistently provide the same level of quality of your product. The problem with some businesses or entrepreneurs is that they work so hard in acquiring new clients but the moment that have locked in on a deal with them, they tend to take their existing clients for granted.

Remember, your clients is your source of income. Make sure to take good care of them by treating them right and providing them high quality patches.

6.Continuously improve your method and product. You cannot be complacent when you run a business. There a lot of things that could change in a snap of a finger. You must keep up with how personalized patches are made and if there are new means of creating better patches. Things are changing and you must be able to adapt to the demand of your market.

7.Learn to expand your market. Always look for ways on how you can expand your market or gain new clients. Time is changing and personalized patches are not just exclusive for organizations but they can also be used for giveaway items. Some people opt to use personalized patches because they could serve as attractive decors on your giveaway items. They also tend to stay or last longer compared to ordinary prints.

These are just few of the things that must be considered if you plan to make a living or earn money from making custom patches.

Author Bio:
Custom patches provides a high-quality look without the high cost. Custom patches and iron-on patches developed exactly to your group’s design specifications are all we do.

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10 questions you should be asking your PCB assembly partner

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Selecting a PCB assembly firm can be nerve-wracking and risky. With literally hundreds of choices worldwide, your decision need not be limited to price alone. While cost is an important factor, there are a lot of other aspects that you must think about. To help you choose the right PCB assembler, here are 10 questions you should be asking them.

1. Is the PCB assembler financially stable?

In order for a PCB assembler to steadily supply both materials and labor, they must be financially stable since their cash outlays for these requirements are greater and sooner than your initial payments. Failure to consider this aspect will greatly impact your business as this may cause not only late deliveries but irreparable damages.

2. What quality accreditations do they possess?

Pcb assemblyThe PCB assembler must be serious about quality and to prove this, they must have objective evidence in the form of certifications. ISO 9001:2008 is a standard that is recognized throughout the world and which most companies possess. For medical products, look for ISO 13485. For products in the aerospace and defense industry, look for AS9100.

3. Do they have certified technicians?

While there are quality system certifications, the PCB assembler of choice should be able to provide objective evidence in the form of certifications that their technicians understand and perform to industry standards dealing with acceptability of PCB assembly (including the soldering processes and materials used).

4. Do they have strong inventory system?

Most electronic components are sold in minimum package sizes. Thus, your PCB assembler should be able to carefully manage and reasonably price this inventory system during the quoting process and towards the end of the contract term. They must either give you the option to amortize the excess of these supplies or hold it until your next order without charging you up front.

5. Is the PCB assembler transparent enough?

Your PCB assembler should be willing enough to share with you everything that may affect the Pcb assembly service you require of them. They must be willing to provide you a detailed list of the product costs, including the cost for the bill of materials and the cost of labor and equipment use. The PCB assembler must also inform you when things go away.

6. How do they manage information?

You and your preferred PCB assembler should have the right access and control to information. The PCB assembler must make it easy for you to see how things are done and see the job status online. Engineering revisions must be easily relayed and timely received by your PCB assembler; otherwise, this will cause significant quality issues that may not be detected until the electronic assembly has been shipped to you.

7. Is the PCB assembly done in a controlled environment?

Environmental controls, such as humidity control and electrostatic discharge control, are critical to the manufacturing quality. Humidity control is crucial to surface mount technology and through-hole assembly processes. Electrostatic discharge control is imperative for sensitive semiconductors as high electrostatic discharge can destroy integrated circuits.

8. What equipment do they possess?

The PCB assembler values efficiency, speed and reliability if they have acquired standard equipment and know how to maintain them. Be cautious in dealing with PCB assemblers that still use obsolete or sub-standard equipment.

9. Is their technical competency enough?

A good PCB assembler has technical competency which means that they can quickly adapt to technological trends and test products, and can accurately troubleshoot products.

10. Do they have positive feedbacks?

Your PCB assembler of choice should already have happy customers who are eager to share their experiences with the PCB assembler. While checking customer reviews can be a good starting point, such reviews often don’t tell the entire story.

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The Importance of Working with a Commercial Long Island Real Estate Specialist for Your Business

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Do you operate your own business and you are struggling with the decision to transfer to a new location? There’s no doubt that moving to a new area can be expensive. However, it can be considerably advantageous as a long-term achievement. It is even quite tempting to stay in your current place and make the best of a tight situation. However, transferring to a place that is more advantageous for your business can be beneficial for your goals.

It is also crucial to consult with a commercial Long Island Real Estate specialist to help you in making your decision to move to a new business location.

If you own a small business that has expanded after years of operation, you will certainly face the problem of not having enough space for your personnel and facilities. Although cubicles are great in maximizing space, it is proven that people are more productive and satisfied at work if they have their own office and they have plenty of room to work and breathe. Cramming your staff into a tight space could intensify stress and reduce productivity and morale. If you have more staff than your office space can handle, it is high time to move into a bigger office. To save time in finding one, it is best to consult with a commercial Long Island real estate specialist.

Real EstateIf your office needs to deal with piles of paperwork, you need a more organized way to store them. A small office that has several cabinets and desks can be a safety risk. Rather than trying to stack all your files into cabinets, you can work with a commercial Long Island real estate expert to search for an office which will allow you to organize your items in a safe area that is fairly accessible. Being more organized and accessible will improve the efficiency of the office and will ease stress because your staff have more breathing space.

If you need to accept clients who are often visiting your office for meetings, then it is ideal to have a place that is professionally designed. Getting a tight space with disorganized files is quite unattractive especially for potential clients. This can be damaging for your business, particularly if you are negotiating for work deals.

By transferring into a more spacious office, you can improve your chances of getting more deals. This will provide more income for your company and provide you the opportunity to expand even further in the future.Rather than compromising the operations and image of your office, you can take the risk and consider moving into a more spacious business location. Contact a commercial real estate specialist to take a look at nearby office spaces in Long Island that will suit your preferences and needs

Get the best real estate business deals at affordable investment solution on li realestatefinder.

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Logo Lanyards as Pretty Accessories and Advertising Materials

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Who would have thought that lanyards have been around for ages and they were used so differently with the lanyards we see today? Old lanyards or “Laniere” as what they were called before were used in the military in western places as a tool to hold items for military uses. These military items are swords, guns or grenades. They were also used as emergency firing cords for canons. Aboard ships, lanyards are items for tightening and lashing the rigging that supports and controls the sails. Sailors also use them to carry items around the ship. Military officials also use it as a decorative piece in their uniforms and battle dresses.

Today, lanyards are not used anymore to carry weapons and harmful items. They are now used to carry small items like keys and identification cards, typical items that are used in a person’s everyday life. The lanyard is also known for different names like neck strap, ID holder, cord lace, and wrist strap. It comes in different colors and also the length can be made shorter or longer depending on where it is intended to be worn. A lanyard’s wide strap cord is known to be wider than ordinary cord laces; therefore, a lot of designs can be put on it. Logo lanyards are lanyards with designs ranging from logos to names of either a company, school or anything that was connected to the wearer. Other designs are for entertainment purposes.

Logo lanyards make for a pretty accessory around the neck or anywhere it is put on.

Logo LanyardsIt has become more popular as ID holders more than the usual ID cord laces in schools. The designs can be seen clearly and it looks more attractive than its narrow cord-lace counterpart. Because of the lanyard’s wide strapped cord, logo lanyards have been seen as good advertising items too. They are so popular that they are being used in fund raising events. Businesses put their logos, company name or sometimes brand names on the lanyards and give them to their employees. When there’s a job fair, they give these lanyards as freebies. Because of this the information of fund raising events or other events, and businesses’ names are spread into different places and passed to other people.

The Lanyard Authority offers various logo lanyards that are custom made. Customers will be able to show them the design they like to be put on the lanyards. They also sell lanyards with already made designs. The store gives importance to the material and hardware used so the customers will surely get their items in perfect condition. The lanyard materials are mostly bought in spools with nice quality and then they were cut carefully into lengths. Their lanyards come in different types that people can choose from. They have lanyards that are made of polyester and nylon. Some of the lanyards are woven and dye sublimated. They also sell blank lanyards for customers who are looking for using lanyards and don’t mind the lack of customization.

Polyester type of lanyards is perfect for screen-printed designs. The process of the printing is the same as the t-shirt silk screen printing. Nylon types are tough but smooth. This type is used for printing logos that has intricate details. The Woven type uses the logo provided together with lots of different colors to make the lanyard while the dye sublimated lanyard have multi color prints from the both sides of the lanyards.

Logo lanyards are also a nice idea for a gift. The gift giver can have it custom made with the person’s favorite design. Lanyards are known for its many uses for holding items so for sure the person who will receive it as a gift will love it.

Logo Lanyard Wholesale Lanyards offers quality lanyards at affordable prices.We have the finest customer service staff in the industry and our prices, service and quality are unbeatable.

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Different Ways of Getting Dirt Cheap Golf Shirts

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Golf shirts, just like golf and everything else involved in the game, can be quite expensive. Often people find themselves having to buy new drivers, other clubs, paying for a monthly membership, new golf balls, and so much more. Buying these shirts doesn’t have to leave a hole in the pocket.

The internet and brick and mortar outlets sell a lot of shirts at really affordable prices. Below is a short guide for some of the pros and cons of getting shirts on the internet as opposed to just getting these shirts from a brick and mortar store as well as a few tips on how or when to get really cheap shirts.

Shopping online

Golf shirtsThere are a lot of people out there who like to be a small time merchant. These people often buy in bulk and end up selling their Golf shirts at really low prices. The downside with this route is that some of them might not be selling the real thing. A lot of independent merchants sometimes sell fake items or even overruns without informing the potential buyer. In either case, customers don’t get what they want.

There are also websites on the net that specialize in trading with golf related apparel and equipment. These websites have a strong tendency to know their market really well. For that reason, a lot of these websites can set their items at really competitive price points. They often have some of the best deals to be had out there.

The downside is that there’s a strong tendency for these websites to sell broken sizes when it comes to golf shirts so sizing may be limited.

Buying at a discount from brick and mortar stores

Brick and mortar store outlets can still sell their merchandise at prices comparable or are even competitive with those found on the internet. The downside with this is having to actually go to the store. It’s also difficult to know when these stores will hold their sales since websites simply notify those interested by email.

Brick and mortar stores are still a great option for people who really want to get the right piece. The biggest upside to buying shirts from brick and mortar stores is that a person can see the garment with their own eyes. It also allows a person to get a feel for the fabric. Last but not least, the biggest advantage of buying from a brick and mortar store is the fitting. Fitting allows buyers to avoid the mistake of buying something that’s too small or too big.

Getting them in bulk

One of the best ways to get shirts at a really low price is by getting them in bulk. Some websites actually turn a profit by selling their stock in bulk. The larger the purchase order the cheaper it usually gets for the customer to buy the shirts.

Waiting for the yearly great sale

The biggest sale of the year will always be Black Friday. It’s the one time of the year where most people do their Christmas shopping and so on.

The upside to buying during Black Friday is the huge discounts on almost every item. It’s not difficult to find out why. Retailers sell their items at really low prices knowing that this is the one time of the year doing so will be definitely worth it. Furthermore, buying during this time of the year is really smart since options won’t be limited to broken sizes like it does during most sales.

The only big downside to buying golf shirts during this time of the year is the traffic in other consumers, which can be a huge pain for those who don’t have the patience for competing with them.

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Factors to Consider in Selecting Badge Lanyards for your Employees

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Company owners and managers devote their time and efforts in selecting the right badge lanyards to hold their identification cards. Back then, they just focus on selecting the right components for their identification card systems and other means to identify their employees. Lanyards were not even important as employees hold their cards by clipping this on their uniforms.

With the required safety not just in keeping identification cards but also for employees working in factories and doing field work, companies started adopting lanyards as part of their identification system.

Today’s badge lanyards are presented in varieties. You can also buy it in bulk and have it customized to fit your company’s identification system. Each lanyard type differs from the materials used in their chords, their locks that allow the identification cards to be detached, and the color available. While some lanyards are already offered with designs included, other companies prefer to have theirs customized.

These can be bought in bulk too. So, before you spend on buying lanyards for your business needs, here are factors you need to consider in selecting the right ones for your employees.


Of course, every company is limited by the budget. If you are in a tight budget, you can opt for badge lanyards with braided thin chords. These come in different lengths and colors. You can choose the design that fits your business brand more. If you can splurge a little, then it is best to opt for woven straps instead. These are more durable and can be more customized according to your company’s identity.

Company’s Identity

lanyardFor bigger companies, woven strapped lanyards are more suitable. Other than the fact that they can spend more, these are easily customized. You just have to consider the material used for the cord. Select one which can be easily customized. There are manufacturers who can give you a wide array of lanyards to choose from. You just have to select the color, the type of lock, and the way you want your company’s name printed.

Work Environment

Depending on your employees’ work environment, you can have lanyards that are more durable. Woven cords are more appropriate if their working environment exposes them to dust and dirt. If they work in a factory, these are more durable too as it can last for years. Employees can easily wash it clean compared to braided cords.

If employees work with machines more, you can have lanyards with locks that can easily detach the identification cards. This is one reason why companies now prefer to use badge lanyards in holding their identification cards. If the employee finds his card stuck in a machine, he can easily detach it and save him from being caught up more. He can also move immediately to prevent further accidents.

Badge lanyards are comfortable and practical identification card holders. It allows wearers to wear their office attire while their cards hanging around their necks. It’s a hands free solution too in presenting their identification. They can also remove it easily with its detachable features.

Lanyards are most especially a great tool for marketing. Since they now come in more stylish designs, you can opt for one which can even be used as giveaways. If you are holding social functions, you can use this to help your guest become familiar with your company and at the same time give them an easy way to get acquainted. Your employees can also enjoy using it outside the office premises, especially in keeping their small items within reach. If you are opting to use lanyards to hold identification cards then keep the above factors in mind.

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Saving Your Family from the Financial Burden of Your Funeral

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It cannot be denied that funerals are expensive. At a time when your family is grieving, you do not want them to worry about all the expenses of your funeral. You can spare them from the financial burden by preparing for your demise. It might sound morbid to some, but it’s a reality that everyone has to face. By preparing for your passing, you can show your family how much you really love them. Getting a funeral plan is recommended. To your advantage, buying an insurance policy or a memorial plan is often less costly when you buy it ahead of time.

funeral homeBasically, there are two types of products you can use to prepare for the financial burden of your funeral. These products are available from various providers. Choose from which products suit your needs and budget best. Also, make sure that you choose a service provider that will render the services or provide benefits as promised even when you are no longer around.

Memorial Plan

A memorial plan is something that you purchase from a memorial home. It is a contract where the service provider is supposed to render the services chosen and paid for by the planholder. This usually includes the viewing, the interment, the documentation, and the handling of the body.

Some plans are paid for in full, while there are those that require the family members to pay for specific items such as the casket and any additional services. Installment options allow planholders to pay for their plans over several years. In case they pass away during the payment term, the full unpaid balance usually becomes due.

The risk associated with a funeral plan is the possibility that the service provider might close down prior to the planholder’s death. Those who are interested in this type of product should check the contract provisions for this type of contingency. It is important to ask questions and get definite answers in matters concerning the extent of accountability of the service provider.

Life Insurance

The second type is a life insurance policy that is intended to cover the insured’s final expenses. Unlike a memorial plan, the proceeds of life insurance offer more flexibility in terms of what it should be used for. The family is free to allocate the proceeds for whatever expenses that arise out of the insured’s demise. Insurance proceeds, however, are not awarded immediately. The beneficiaries named in the insurance policy should file a claim by presenting the required documents.

Final expense insurance requires lower payments. The premium rates of the insurance coverage vary depending on the insured’s age and health condition among others. The insured can choose a coverage that accumulates cash value to add to the benefits his beneficiaries will get. Cash value plans, however, are more expensive than regular plans.

The insured can choose a term life coverage or a whole life coverage. A term life coverage is only in effect for a specific period, while a whole life coverage protects the insured for his entire life. Term is cheaper than whole life, but the insured does not get anything if he is still alive on the policy’s termination date. Insurance products are often regulated and the benefits are backed by reserves as mandated by the government.

The Wise Choice

There are advantages and disadvantages to memorial plans and insurance policies. The choice is yours to make. Decide on factors which you consider to be top priority. If convenience is what you want, a memorial plan would suit your requirement. On the other hand, if you want your family to have a pool of funds to use for various expenses, a life insurance policy would be the obvious choice.

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Useful Tips in Obtaining Home Safes

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Place in an accessible spot.

home safeMore often than not, home safes become rarely used when they are placed way too far to be easily accessed. Often times, people who just bought the product think too much about which part of the house they are going to keep the safe. Some think if placing it in a smartly obscured spot or disguising it behind fake walls or. While hiding the safe is good, do not try this at the expense of the general convenience, otherwise, the safe will more than likely lose its usefulness after a while. It is more effective to store frequently used possessions in only a slightly hidden safe rather than having these things neglected for easy stealing. Instead of beating the thief, count on the safe to carry out its duty of safeguarding and put it in a spot that is probably going to have the most use. In case the house is trespassed, well-built safes will diligently shield your own contents.

Consider safes that are quick to open.

Safes that open too sluggishly to open means they are also less likely to be utilized. Incorporating a digital lock could make opening the safe fast and simple. Moreover, it also allows the user to alter the combination as required without worrying about finding a locksmith or kit. When it comes to protection and user convenience, a first class biometric lock is unbeatable.

Determine quality through the weight.

Weight is among the most important factors when determining the foundation capacity of a safe to defend from both robbery and fire. Steel has a hefty weight. A superior quality safe with reliable steel walls will certainly have a larger weight as compared to thin safe fancied by coating the insulation panels with sheet metal. Thick cement based alloy is heavy, which signifies that home safes built with this material are going to be much heavier than those that utilize insulation panels. A genuine safe having concrete amalgamate fire cladding and solid steel body generally bear thrice the weight of an ordinary kind of safe made out of drywall panels and sheet metal.

Never choose drywall or fireboard based fireproof safes.

Even though fireproof safes built with drywall, fireboard, fiberboard, or some other insulation panel materials constitute most of the safes marketed these days, they only offer substandard fire protection in comparison to genuine amalgamated fireproof safes. Furthermore, the panel-based safes offer fire defense at the expense of extremely decreased robbery protection. Nearly all fireboard design safes offer virtually no theft protection.

Seek out a thick steel walls and door.

It is crucial that the safe bought possesses substantially thick, sturdy steel walls and door. Without having this degree of steel protection as the foundation, any safe could easily be opened up in a few minutes regardless of the fuss of the promoted extra safety features. While many best selling home safes available on the market showcase an array of protection functions, almost all of them fall miserably short in this vital aspect.

The safe should have a steel door that is at least 0.5 inch thick and a steel body that is 0.25 inch thick. Steel can be very costly and hefty, resulting in the vast increase in the manufacturing and shipping costs of these quality home safes. Consequently, the majority of foreign made safes, even some locally made safes; minimize these expenses by producing their safes with only thin sheet steel covered with different types of drywall to make them appear strong and robust.

Look for the UL label.

Make sure that the home safes to be bought carries at least a UL accredited Group 2 lock. UL, or Underwriters Laboratory, performs tests to ascertain the durability and protective quality of the products.


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