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Dan Southworth     “MARK LEONARD” | Series Co-Creator

Series co-creator Dan Southworth as "MARK"

Dan Southworth’s years of acting experience and unparalleled physical training have made him into a highly sought after performer for roles that require a combination of nuanced character acting and phenomenal action and fighting.  Dan’s work spans a broad range of media from feature films, television series, and commercials to voice performance and motion capture for many leading games.

Dan has devoted over a decade of training to the craft of acting including five years with famed acting coach Ivana Chubbuck.  Dan honed his action chops working with Andy Cheng—originally a member of Jackie Chan’s Hong Kong stunt team and now a top US action director.  Through his work with Andy Cheng, Dan has had the pleasure of working with many of the world’s top action stars including Jackie Chan, Jet Li, “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson, Samo Hung and many others.  Some of Dan’s feature film projects as an action designer, coordinator, and performer include Avatar, The New World, and The Rundown.

Among anime fans, Dan is best known for his role as “Vergil” in the best selling video game Devil May Cry 3—a role that found such a following that the game was expanded into its own release so that fans could experience the story as Dan’s character.  Dan was short-listed for a Screen Actors Guild award nomination for his role of “Eric Meyers” in the popular television series, Power Rangers Time Force, and he received a Taurus award nomination for his action work on The Scorpion King.  Dan will appear in the first season of J.J. Abrams’ new series “Revolution” directed by John Favreau.

Dan Southworth and Douglas Horn founded Popular Uprising, a media company that is redefining independent series by offering premium cable-type programming distributed over the Internet.  Popular Uprising’s action/sci-fi series DIVERGENCE will launch Summer 2012 following a presentation at Comic-Con International (see for trailers and news).


Douglas Horn     Series Co-Creator | Writer-Director

Series co-creator and writer-director Douglas Horn

With sharp, evocative dialog and striking visual flair, writer-director Douglas Horn’s work has quickly gained a following among film audiences. His debut feature, Entry Level starring DB Sweeney, Missi Pyle, and Kurtwood Smith was released by PorchLight Entertainment and sold into markets worldwide.  His short film, Full Disclosure starring Judy Greer and Brent Sexton won over a dozen awards for Best Short Film and went on to become a #1-selling short film on Apple’s iTunes Store and has been included in over a half dozen short film compilation sets through Official Best of Fest and other distributors.  Douglas’s family film Babysitters Beware with Danny Trejo, Dee Wallace-Stone, and Rico Rodriguez is in distribution from Phase 4 Films.  He was also the original screenwriter of the feature film, Ira Finkelstein’s Christmas featuring Elliott Gould and David DeLuise.

Douglas Horn and Dan Southworth founded Popular Uprising, a media company that is redefining independent series by offering premium cable-type programming distributed over the Internet.  Popular Uprising’s action/sci-fi series DIVERGENCE will launch Summer 2012 following a presentation at Comic-Con International (see for trailers and news).

Douglas has a background in developing and marketing consumer products for high profile properties. When not creating films and series, he consults on the development of games and other consumer products for AAA brands including Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean, Marvel Avengers, Disney Princess, Disney’s Phineas and Ferb, Mattel’s Barbie, Dr. Seuss, Pokémon, and others.  Douglas lives in Seattle with his wife and two children.


Courtney Munch      “LORIS”

Courtney Munch as "LORIS"

The daughter of a Vietnam vet and a Beaumont cheerleader, Courtney Munch grew up in Texas before attending Amherst College, where she graduated magna cum laude.

Courtney recently filmed a small role in The Dark Knight Rises. She appeared as a Marine Crew Chief in Battle: Los Angeles and opposite David Arquette in Land of the Astronauts.  Courtney has been a stunt performer in films, series, and games including The Last of Us, “Undercovers”, Larry Crowne, “Killzone 3″, and J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek—for which she received a Screen Actors Guild award and “I am Legend” for which she received a SAG nomination. Courtney plays Xiao in, a non-linear, multimedia online comic.  She has studied acting with Larry Moss, Bob Krakower, & Wynn Handman and recently appeared in the Tennessee Williams play “Green Eyes.”  She is currently rehearsing a play directed by David Anspaugh.



Damion Poitier     “TYLER”

Damion Poitier as "TYLER"

Originally from Philadelphia, Damion decided he would act after seeing someone that looked quite a bit like his grandfather on TV. An early and avid reader he grew fascinated with mythical stories and the fantastic characters within.

As he studied and groomed himself to work in this field, his interest in acting was continuously confirmed as he realized that only in and the film industry could he possibly experience all the “characters and careers” he was interested in experiencing and portraying.

His first professional break came in Florida when he was invited to join the stunt community. Ten amazing and fulfilling years later he felt he was primed and ready to focus on another aspect of his interest. He has moved from stunt man to actor with excellent results.

Damion has appeared on the television series “Parks and Recreation”, “Sons of Anarchy”, “Awake”, “Big Time Rush”, and a recurring role of ”Duprez” in the HBO series “True Blood.” Damion has appeared in the feature films Hunter Prey, Black Cobra, GI Joe 2, and The Avengers. Damion is expanding into writing and producing.  He wrote and produced the short film, “Bad Roommate” and served as Associate Producer on Hunter Prey.


Marta McGonagle     “ELAINE”

Marta McGonagle as "ELAINE"

Born in Panama and spending her early years in Costa Rica, Marta began her acting career on stage at the age of 9.  Her first film appearances began when her family moved to Texas where she landed leading roles in the horror films Side FX (with Amber Heard) and Red Ridge.  Marta moved to Los Angeles following her first theatrical debut in Believe In Me co-starring with Jeffrey Donovan.

Marta is perhaps best known for her recurring roles on Showtime’s “Weeds” and Nickelodeon’s “iCarly”.  She received acclaim in the independent film world for her starring role in the Berlinale Panorama Feature Short Cut To Hollywood.  Most recently Marta appeared in guest starring roles on ABC’s “Only Fools & Horses”, “Off The Map” and “NCIS: Los Angeles.”  She is also a series regular on the new pilot “The Men’s Room.”  Marta has produced several shorts and the feature film The Land Of Shadowed Sand which won an award at the prestigious Austin Film Festival.  Every week, Marta gives back to the community through her live show “Sor Juana,” which she brings to the Los Angeles School District to teach kids about literacy and perseverance.