Factors to Consider in Selecting Badge Lanyards for your Employees

Company owners and managers devote their time and efforts in selecting the right badge lanyards to hold their identification cards. Back then, they just focus on selecting the right components for their identification card systems and other means to identify their employees. Lanyards were not even important as employees hold their cards by clipping this on their uniforms.

With the required safety not just in keeping identification cards but also for employees working in factories and doing field work, companies started adopting lanyards as part of their identification system.

Today’s badge lanyards are presented in varieties. You can also buy it in bulk and have it customized to fit your company’s identification system. Each lanyard type differs from the materials used in their chords, their locks that allow the identification cards to be detached, and the color available. While some lanyards are already offered with designs included, other companies prefer to have theirs customized.

These can be bought in bulk too. So, before you spend on buying lanyards for your business needs, here are factors you need to consider in selecting the right ones for your employees.


Of course, every company is limited by the budget. If you are in a tight budget, you can opt for badge lanyards with braided thin chords. These come in different lengths and colors. You can choose the design that fits your business brand more. If you can splurge a little, then it is best to opt for woven straps instead. These are more durable and can be more customized according to your company’s identity.

Company’s Identity

lanyardFor bigger companies, woven strapped lanyards are more suitable. Other than the fact that they can spend more, these are easily customized. You just have to consider the material used for the cord. Select one which can be easily customized. There are manufacturers who can give you a wide array of lanyards to choose from. You just have to select the color, the type of lock, and the way you want your company’s name printed.

Work Environment

Depending on your employees’ work environment, you can have lanyards that are more durable. Woven cords are more appropriate if their working environment exposes them to dust and dirt. If they work in a factory, these are more durable too as it can last for years. Employees can easily wash it clean compared to braided cords.

If employees work with machines more, you can have lanyards with locks that can easily detach the identification cards. This is one reason why companies now prefer to use badge lanyards in holding their identification cards. If the employee finds his card stuck in a machine, he can easily detach it and save him from being caught up more. He can also move immediately to prevent further accidents.

Badge lanyards are comfortable and practical identification card holders. It allows wearers to wear their office attire while their cards hanging around their necks. It’s a hands free solution too in presenting their identification. They can also remove it easily with its detachable features.

Lanyards are most especially a great tool for marketing. Since they now come in more stylish designs, you can opt for one which can even be used as giveaways. If you are holding social functions, you can use this to help your guest become familiar with your company and at the same time give them an easy way to get acquainted. Your employees can also enjoy using it outside the office premises, especially in keeping their small items within reach. If you are opting to use lanyards to hold identification cards then keep the above factors in mind.

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