Different Ways of Getting Dirt Cheap Golf Shirts

Golf shirts, just like golf and everything else involved in the game, can be quite expensive. Often people find themselves having to buy new drivers, other clubs, paying for a monthly membership, new golf balls, and so much more. Buying these shirts doesn’t have to leave a hole in the pocket.

The internet and brick and mortar outlets sell a lot of shirts at really affordable prices. Below is a short guide for some of the pros and cons of getting shirts on the internet as opposed to just getting these shirts from a brick and mortar store as well as a few tips on how or when to get really cheap shirts.

Shopping online

Golf shirtsThere are a lot of people out there who like to be a small time merchant. These people often buy in bulk and end up selling their Golf shirts at really low prices. The downside with this route is that some of them might not be selling the real thing. A lot of independent merchants sometimes sell fake items or even overruns without informing the potential buyer. In either case, customers don’t get what they want.

There are also websites on the net that specialize in trading with golf related apparel and equipment. These websites have a strong tendency to know their market really well. For that reason, a lot of these websites can set their items at really competitive price points. They often have some of the best deals to be had out there.

The downside is that there’s a strong tendency for these websites to sell broken sizes when it comes to golf shirts so sizing may be limited.

Buying at a discount from brick and mortar stores

Brick and mortar store outlets can still sell their merchandise at prices comparable or are even competitive with those found on the internet. The downside with this is having to actually go to the store. It’s also difficult to know when these stores will hold their sales since websites simply notify those interested by email.

Brick and mortar stores are still a great option for people who really want to get the right piece. The biggest upside to buying shirts from brick and mortar stores is that a person can see the garment with their own eyes. It also allows a person to get a feel for the fabric. Last but not least, the biggest advantage of buying from a brick and mortar store is the fitting. Fitting allows buyers to avoid the mistake of buying something that’s too small or too big.

Getting them in bulk

One of the best ways to get shirts at a really low price is by getting them in bulk. Some websites actually turn a profit by selling their stock in bulk. The larger the purchase order the cheaper it usually gets for the customer to buy the shirts.

Waiting for the yearly great sale

The biggest sale of the year will always be Black Friday. It’s the one time of the year where most people do their Christmas shopping and so on.

The upside to buying during Black Friday is the huge discounts on almost every item. It’s not difficult to find out why. Retailers sell their items at really low prices knowing that this is the one time of the year doing so will be definitely worth it. Furthermore, buying during this time of the year is really smart since options won’t be limited to broken sizes like it does during most sales.

The only big downside to buying golf shirts during this time of the year is the traffic in other consumers, which can be a huge pain for those who don’t have the patience for competing with them.