A Quick Guide to Portable Storage Container Delivery

We at moveablecontainer.com have encountered people in the past who thought that the hardest part in acquiring a portable storage container had to do with choosing which size would be best or which type would best suit their individual needs. However, getting a storage container is more than just finding the best unit for you. We believe that if you wish to have your container delivered to you in the best condition and manner possible, you should know and understand these three things:

1. Know the regulations and the restrictions –

Before you finalize your plans to purchase or rent a portable storage container, you must first do your research on the regulations and restrictions that come with storage containers. There are some cities and states which have specific rulings when it comes to owning a storage container, and these would usually include the size, the type of unit, and other technical aspects of the container.

You have to make sure that you comply with all the local requirements when it comes to documentation and permit.  Otherwise, you might not be allowed to keep your container.  Although a lot of places typically allow storage containers, it is still important that you do your part and double check if you are violating anything. If it turns out that your area does not allow the ownership of containers, you can choose to have modular units instead, which have doors that are similar to PODS containers.

Portable Storage Container

2. Pick your location –

You should make sure that you actually have enough space in your area to accommodate your storage container. Even if your supplier delivers to your doorstep, their personnel cannot possibly leave your container in your premises if there is not room for it.  In this case, it will be a total waste of time, money, and effort.

Make sure that you have at least have a fifteen feet overhead clearance and a minimum of twice the container’s length.  Check the dimensions of the container that you are ordering.  If you are not sure of what measurements to take, you can ask for advice or assistance from your supplier.  They will be saving themselves a lot of time and effort too when they help you out in this matter.

You also have to make sure that the place where you are going to put your container is level.  This will help you in keeping the items stored inside safe and secure as it minimizes the chances of the items sliding and slipping out of place.  If you are going to have some plumbing installed in the container, a level surface will also help with the flow and drainage.

In case you do not have a level surface where you will put your portable storage container, you can make arrangements for the installation of pressure treated wood stands and the use of a jack to raise and put the container in position.

Note that if the container is not sitting on a paved or concrete surface, re-leveling might be necessary later on. Railroad ties or landscape timbers should be placed underneath your container if it is sitting on earth or grass.  This will prevent the container from sinking or settling into the ground after a considerable period of time.

Storage Container

3. Plan the layout of your container –

Aside from planning your interior layout, you should not forget to plan how you will install your container in your chosen location.  It would be difficult to keep on re-positioning your container when you realize that it is not easily accessible or that it affects the way you move around the area.

You should pay special attention to how you will be able to conveniently access your portable storage container.  Thus, you have to make sure that the doors are facing in the direction where you will be able to easily enter the container.  You should also be aware of where the door will be directed to.

Typically, containers only have one set of double cargo doors which can face the rear of or the front of the delivery truck.  Inform your supplier beforehand so they can load your container on their delivery truck for the correct positioning when they get to your location.

It is always best for you to coordinate closely with our staff at moveablecontainer.com for delivery arrangements.  We are always ready to provide you with the information and assistance that you need in purchasing your portable storage container.  Visit our website or give us a call to find out about our wide array of products and services.